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Ubuntu Phone Core Apps

A project to contain community design input for the core apps for Ubuntu on the phone
Calculator - Basic Functions View
    A key feature of this design is that you see the formula you have typed in and can go back and edit it, rather than each operation being applied and the input steps forgotten. The resulting value can also be used in a new calculation by typing a new operation after hitting enter as usual, but the previous inputs can still be recalled, edited, and computed. This is behaviour similar to high school scientific calculators (e.g. Sharp advanced D.A.L range)
    Caclulator - Stacking Equations
      Trying to be consistent with the interaction patterns of the gallery app.
      Calendar - Agenda View
        Calendar - Day View
          Calendar - Week View
            Calendar - week view
            Calendar - Day view - ver.2
              I combined my day view and canonical's. I think canonical's mockup is too simple. There is no calendar colors and week numbers. I also want timeline with color indicators of events and ability to see free time between events.
              If event has location, there must be quick way to launch navigation or maps (if contacts -> call contact).
              Calendar - Month View
                Calendar - Month view_var2
                  Calendar - Month view - variant 2
                  Calendar - Week view_var2
                    Calendar - week view second variant
                    Calendar - Month View - ver.2
                      Modified version of canonical's mockup.
                      In month view I want to see weekdays, week numbers and color event indicators under day number. I also added timeline (like in day view, in my version all views will have timelines).
                      Calendar - View Event
                        Calendar - Settings
                          Calendar - Edit Event
                            E-mail - Message View
                              File Manager - Directory List View
                                The current selection is market in blue. The current context has white background to stay in focus.
                                Only the current folder/context has focus. When the user browses to another folder all the entries that are not related to current context are greayed or lost highlight somehow.
                                File Manager - Sort Content
                                • The grouping feature should be used only when it's useful. For a folder with few items that fit in the screen there's no need to group.
                                • When sorting by "type", the user knows what filetype it is looking for, so to group and collapse them improves the . For sorting by "name", for instance, there's no need to group.
                                • An option to deactivate the group feature should be displayed in the sort menu when grouping is active.
                                • File Manager - Change Directory - Hierarchy and Context
                                    How to browse?
                                  • Only one folder is opened at once.
                                  • Only parents of current folder are displayed. It saves vertical space and keep a breadcrumb.
                                  • If the user closes the current folder (e.g.: clicking the current folder's name), the current context becomes the parent folder.
                                  • All above folders lost highlight somehow (by greying them or another way) to keep focus on the current context.
                                  • Folders can be pined to keep showed even when another folder is selected.
                                  • Main entries like "Bookmarks" and "Home" are always showed.
                                  • File Manager - Multiple folders view
                                      To keep multiple folders displayed, I propose the pinning feature, instead tabs.
                                      Pinning folder allow access them quickly. Just scroll to from a folder to another.
                                      Any pinned folder can be openned at once.
                                      I think this process of pinning can be improved a lot. This is still a premature idea.
                                      Note: The focus is on the current folder or context
                                                Terminal - Basic View
                                                  A few assumptions have been made on this design, I failed to reach anyone on the #ubuntu-design on IRC so I went ahead and:
                                                • Used the Ubuntu-On-Phones product image despite all the other mockups so far using the iPhone enclosure.
                                                • Used the iPhone keyboard as I couldn't find the ubuntu phone keyboard anywhere (I thought it would take to long and look terrible if I put it together from scratch).
                                                • I used the modal screen overlay to emulate a slightly opaque background or a black / dark background (not sure if we had to stick to white or not).

                                                • A concept idea I had for the terminal (which is outside the scope of the mockup) is that there could be a settings option to have a system status icon for the terminal so it can be pulled down as an overlay. However this could go against how these icons are supposed to be used, but for an Ubuntu user like me it would feel like a guake style terminal HUD.
                                                  Twitter - Timeline
                                                    Weather App
                                                      Weather App settings in here:
                                                      Weather App - Main view
                                                        a weather application , with slide verical and horizontal
                                                        YouTube - Home Screen View
                                                          Although there it isn't mentioned in the docs, I believe YouTube app should come with a home screen.

                                                          This mockup tries to serve two main functions:
                                                          1) being as inviting as possible to users who have opened the app just to waste some time.
                                                          2) be useful to avid YouTube users.

                                                          'Watch later' and 'pinned channels' features serve the latter case as they provide users with a fairly quick way of getting the content they will most probably want straight away.

                                                          Filling the home screen with various, dynamically-looking content, on the other hand, could help with users who have opened the app and don't know what to do next.

                                                          I'm not quite happy with search button being hidden in the bar at the bottom but that seems to be the most ubuntu-phone-esuque way of doing buttons - or is it okay to put it in the tab bar at the top?

                                                          Also, the title of the first tab might not be with the design guidelines?
                                                            1. The Swipe Up, is not from the Edge, but just Swipe Up on the Screen.
                                                            2. There will be no Icons like (Cloudy, Sunny, Rainy) but only a nice background image, to indicate the Weather. Icons will be
                                                            displayed though in the hourly list view
                                                            3. Is pinch available? I haven't explore yet, the capabilities of the tools in developing the apps, but if it is, Pinch the screen to view all Locations
                                                            Weather App - settings
                                                              Weather mockup in here:
                                                                        Account Manager
                                                                          Clock and Weather App
                                                                            RSS - edit_start_screen
                                                                              RSS - Settings
                                                                                  File Manager - App menu
                                                                                    This idea came from Email App mockup (
                                                                                    Facebook - View events
                                                                                      for the Facebook app
                                                                                      Facebook app
                                                                                        Facebook- main view
                                                                                          Facebook Main View

                                                                                          gt;gt;> Facebook Event View
                                                                                            See in line descriptions
                                                                                            Clock - Alarms - Timer - Stopwatch (5th idea)
                                                                                              I tried to take the best of the differents ideas. Please leave a comment if you have an idea to make better. (Sorry for my english)
                                                                                              eMail - Mailbox
                                                                                                eMail - Mailbox view
                                                                                                Development workflow
                                                                                                  Dialer Mockup
                                                                                                    Document Viewer
                                                                                                      Calculator layouts
                                                                                                        App locks
                                                                                                          Terminal security

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