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History of E-mail - Message View

  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Zisu:
    I find Priority Inbox in Gmail very good. Not entirely sure about the algorithm... but it manages to sort everything everytime.. Would it be worth havin something similar in each folder or circle.

    Also, if you have folders and circles, why is there a need to have emails at the top part, surely they can be seamlessly integrated in some way.

    I dont' thing the bottom menu should always be displayed thought. It does not match with the pattern.

    Also, it would be a nice idea to place the + sign on the top right, near the title. That way it's always handy. Because it's not like all the other actions.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    Sergey's example is great for the overview except I would simply have the folders below circles. Perhaps the ability to organise it as you like or a settings option to have circles or folders first. The second view should expand to show as many messages as possible with the messages collated person & title as mentioned by shane.

  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    I do not know if I am missing something, but what if I had a lot of messages. How could I get back to the email menu if I was towards the end of the messages? Do I have to be on the left most message to get back. If I am on message 25, it is going to be a lot of inconveniet swiping to get back. There needs to be something somewhere to immediatly take you back to the menu.
  • 7 years ago (), Minor update by Martin
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Sergey:
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Martin:
    @e8hffff - could you do a quick run through of kmail and work out the top 5 things design wise that we should incorporate from it?
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    The proposal looks really good!
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    Kmail is really good. Some inspiration could be had from it, if not a fork.
  • 7 years ago (), Update by Martin: Add hold menu, make replying easier and left-left backs into the menu.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    I think it would be nice to be able to collate emails by conversation and also as they come. This feature is a god send on Zimbra desktop in my place of work. It would be nice to see this on the ubuntu phone too. Also to press and hold the email to send to the calendar app for setting up a meeting and posting back to multiple recipients.

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