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History of Document_viewer Alt. Sorting

  • 8 years ago (), Comment by Michele:
    i woulnd't like to rely on the file manager to open a pdf file just because i can't sort my files freely inside a document app
  • 8 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    Does a document viewer need a file manager when there is already one in the phone? Best not to duplicate. Use the existing file manager to better report documents or how they can be created, viewed, or edited. Obviously another manager app could assist in creating or displaying a history of documents. My 2 cents.
  • 8 years ago (), Update by Lorenzo: icon to switch to grid view
  • 8 years ago (), Update by Lorenzo: my document view has a slightly differnt view and allows for content sorting by type date etc. in a dropdown menu
  • 8 years ago (), Lorenzo created this mockup

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