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History of ClockAlarmApp-DominicRichardsonMatthewStevens

  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Dominic:
    @Roshan, yes the stopwatch was a difficult one I was thinking just perhaps a low opacity animation of the small white dots around the clock face moving round (to denote the stopwatch is running).
    @BoardDWorld Thanks very glad you like it.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    I love it. Congrats on your awesome work.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Roshan:
    Another thing that requires dialog is what the ubuntu circle will represent.

    In the timer, i feel it is intuitive for it to denote what fraction of the time has passed. The user can immediately make sense that half/quarter/whatever of the time has passed without having to do the math.

    But i have no idea as to what it can represent in the stopwatch and wakeup screens.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Roshan:
    The theme looks great...

    how about a pause button in the timer? I mainly use the timer to find out how much of something i can do within a given time and it is not without interruptions in between...

    And regarding time selection, it is a very good idea, but the user would be unable to change the hour alone since to get to that finger speed he would have to go through the lower speeds also... the user also wouldn't be able to change direction...
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Matthew:
    Yes that is the idea with our alarm notification. There is a large button in the middle to snooze and to end the alarm the user has to slide a icon to disable the alarm. I am still not sure about this night clock story. Again, are we not then conflicting with the general Ubuntu lock screen? I doubt a night clock would be used by all the phone users so my gut instinct is to leave that for another developer to add to the app store. But if we can get some dialog around this that would be great.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    You could have the nightclock on with the charger plugged in making the battery no real issue also dor my alarm i tap anywhere on the screen to snooze and slide luke i am unlocking to turn it off and that works good for me i dont have to find a button just the tophalf of the phone.
  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Matthew:
    Hi All

    We have been working on what we feel is a good layout for the Ubuntu phone clock functions. We would love to hear your input into what we have done so far. I know the colour mock ups are premature as we are flying blind there, but we feel they do a good job at helping visualize what we were thinking.

    Just so you know what we are thinking. We have tried to stick with the Ubuntu circles theme. We feel we have done a good job but commentary around this is welcome. Input on the timer select method would also be welcome.


  • 7 years ago (), Minor update by Matthew
  • 7 years ago (), Minor update by Matthew
  • 7 years ago (), Minor update by Matthew

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