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History of Caclulator - Stacking Equations

  • 7 years ago (), Comment by Guest:
    A table of Physics constants would be sweet!
  • 8 years ago (), Comment by hitaisin:
    Nice mockup! I want to combine buttons " ( " and " ) " to one " () ", and I like when answer is auto calculated (without pressing " = " button).
    Additional functions like sin, cos, sqrt can be added at the same buttons, e.g. press " 2 " and swype up. It is made in calculator++ on android.
  • 8 years ago (), Comment by Tim:
    Maybe make it possible to swipe out the numberpad to add more scientifc options. To the left you could have a numberpad with Hex Key like A, B. C, D, E, F and you can switch between Dezimal, Binary, and Hex. To the right you could have the standard stuff like sin(), arc(), sqrt() etc.
  • 8 years ago (), Minor update by Hans
  • 8 years ago (), Minor update by Hans
  • 8 years ago (), Update by Hans: A calculator consistant with the gallery app.
  • 8 years ago (), Hans created this mockup

    Trying to be consistent with the interaction patterns of the gallery app.

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