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YouTube - Home Screen View

Although there it isn't mentioned in the docs, I believe YouTube app should come with a home screen.

This mockup tries to serve two main functions:
1) being as inviting as possible to users who have opened the app just to waste some time.
2) be useful to avid YouTube users.

'Watch later' and 'pinned channels' features serve the latter case as they provide users with a fairly quick way of getting the content they will most probably want straight away.

Filling the home screen with various, dynamically-looking content, on the other hand, could help with users who have opened the app and don't know what to do next.

I'm not quite happy with search button being hidden in the bar at the bottom but that seems to be the most ubuntu-phone-esuque way of doing buttons - or is it okay to put it in the tab bar at the top?

Also, the title of the first tab might not be with the design guidelines?

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Germano replied 7 years ago, re: Josip's Version 2 from 7 years ago

aren't those thumbnails too small on the logged start screen?

I think it would be better for the eyes if all thumbnails were the bigger, rectangular, ones.
and there could be a little bit of the next thumbnail appearing from the edge of the screen, encouraging the user to swipe sideways, kinda like windows phone does with those "panorama apps"


Josip replied 7 years ago, re: Josip's Version 2 from 7 years ago

@Germano they are a bit too small, aren't they?

My main concern was that with all thumbnails of the same size the app might look a bit dull. What do you think about mingling with thumbnail widths (as shown in updated mockup)? The width of a thumbnail could be relative to the length of the video, with minimum width being the same as the height of the thumbnail.


Germano replied 7 years ago, re: Josip's Version 3 from 7 years ago

it looks much better now, with these thumbnails we are able to get a nice glimpse.

I loved the idea of the width being relative to a charateristc of the video. But there already is the lenght on each video,
I think the width could be relative to the number of views, or the like/dislike proportion, the more likes, the wider it is

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