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File Manager - Proposals to display folder hierarchy

Comments (11)

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 4 from 8 years ago



Fredrik replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 9 from 8 years ago

I like the idea with the Left Border. In the current design the cost in width I think is acceptable. But if one would like to save this space anyway, then one way would be to overlay the Icons in the "Only arrows".



Paulo replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 11 from 8 years ago

I din't like so much my design for the Left Border proposal. If you have suggestions to improve it, let me know. :-)

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 12 from 8 years ago

Yes that is what I was thinking of. Good job!

Also I would like to add that the horizontal scroll could snap to the current depth. Meaning that there would be a threshold of a few pixels before the horizontal scroll was engaged.

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 12 from 8 years ago

For the Arrows+Indentation solution, instead of allowing horizontal scrolling, you could simply allow the user to user a horizontal swipe from left to right to uncover the content on the left (i.e. the hidden parent directory names) and then have it bounce back to the normal position when the user ends the touch.


Paulo replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 12 from 8 years ago

@Daniel, I think that it could prevent the user from select one of covered folders, if it'd want to do that.

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 13 from 8 years ago

Maybe just use ''.. '' for going back and display only one folder at a time. Like it was in old mc.

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 13 from 8 years ago

An idea just came to mind. What if you have a horizontally scrollable item at the very top. This could contain the name of the current directory buttons for all the parent ones. This item would also auto scroll when going deeper in to the hierarchy. Pretty much like it is on the ubuntu desktop.

A problem with this is naturally that you only can be at depth in one location. So the need for tabs when moving/copying files would be required.

Guest replied 8 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 13 from 8 years ago

The folders hierarchy can be horizontal (while the files shown vertical). I mean when you open a folder, it automatically swipes to the left, so you can swipe to the right to see the parent folder (BACK function) or right again (FORWARD function).

Since the files are shown vertical, also tabs can be shown vertically at the left edge (instead of top) to provide more room for the content.

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 13 from 8 years ago

Just a consideration, horizontal scroll for many(virtually all average consumers) will create conflict with accidental activation of the systems side gestures. I would consider sticking to vertical scroll, soft keys and quick menu only. In regards to soft keys they should be positioned such as not to activate the systems side gestures (keep them away from the edges).

The problem you've specified as a con in arrows, "limited horizontal space to filenames" is more specific to just that, filenames. We have to remember that the issue is what is not going to be in the immediate view, the more visible in the immediate view the less likely you would want/need to scroll to see the entire title. So this con would in fact be the most problematic in Arrow's + Indentation which furthers the need for side scroll which in turn could cause system gesture conflict for many. For example lets extend the song titled "Just the way you are" to "Just the way you are is fine by me". After selecting the folder Doo-Wops & Hooligans that folders icon plus title will be the focus, sub-folders/files will be indented with less immediate space to view the title cropping the title more than the other 2 examples.

I think for simplicity Arrows only in the above examples is best for the average user, but a developer view could be enabled for the Arrows + Indentation. Developer/Power User mode could be systemwide option to enable many advanced variations that would make the average user turn their head.

In the Arrows only example selecting a sub-folder should automatically position that sub-folder at the top of the screen so more of it's contents is visible.

To really make this OS take you have to keep it simple by default.


Zisu replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 13 from 8 years ago

I guess the only choice, really is between arrow+indentations and arrow + left border. I feel like the left border adds too much chrome to the screen, and the philosophy of this OS is keep the relevant content on as much of the screen as possible. I like">Palefat's idea. I see no point holding multiple parents on the screen, which again, would fit really well with the philosophy. Just show the current parent at the top of the screen, instead of the window title. As a visual cue, a folder sign on the left of the title would help, I think.

If you swipe the name of the folder to the right, you go back. There is no confusion with the "Application menu" swipe (aka right swipe from edge) because this swipe will not start from the screen border.

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