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File Manager - Create new folder

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Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 11 from 7 years ago

I do believe there are too many steps taken, it should be shortened to a maximum of 4 steps. As an idea pressing return or tapping on empty screen area after defining a title should complete the process without confirmation. In case of an error the app menu for that session could show cancel, rename & undo, also enabling undoing the creation of the folder, undo would only appear when an instance has occurred for it to be applicable.

Ensure the pre-defined text "New Folder" is pre-selected on creation so the new title can be immediately typed in without manually selecting while ensuring tapping enter will simply and quickly create the folder with the pre-defined title, in this case "new Folder".

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 11 from 7 years ago

The fifth step can be removed.

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