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File Manager - Change Directory - Hierarchy and Context

How to browse?
  • Only one folder is opened at once.
  • Only parents of current folder are displayed. It saves vertical space and keep a breadcrumb.
  • If the user closes the current folder (e.g.: clicking the current folder's name), the current context becomes the parent folder.
  • All above folders lost highlight somehow (by greying them or another way) to keep focus on the current context.
  • Folders can be pined to keep showed even when another folder is selected.
  • Main entries like "Bookmarks" and "Home" are always showed.
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    Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 4 from 7 years ago

    I like how two-panel file manger made on android, called solid browser.

    Can titlebar 'Files', show free space?

    Files................4Gb free or


    Paulo replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 5 from 7 years ago

    @MR. XXX, I like the idea of showing free space on top. Let's talk about it. The free space is relative to the Phone memory or a memory card? Or both together? How to show it clear?

    Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 5 from 7 years ago

    I think it depends where you are. If you are in sd card folder, it shows SD card memory, if you are in system folder it shows system memory.
    When I copy or move something I want to see free space in folder where I'am copying to.


    Sergey replied 7 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 5 from 7 years ago

    Guest replied 6 years ago, re: Paulo's Version 6 from 7 years ago

    I had an idea for a quick navigation bar. I couldn't propose it due to an error code, but this is a .png of the proposal

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