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Clock - Alarms - Timer - Stopwatch (5th idea)

I tried to take the best of the differents ideas. Please leave a comment if you have an idea to make better. (Sorry for my english)

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Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 5 from 7 years ago

For alarms, instead of underlining the days of the week only show the days selected (mon, tues, fri). Makes it easier to just glance at it to see which days the alarm(s) is/are

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 9 from 7 years ago

I made a few changes and provided more detail here and there to convey my ideas of how the alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and clock should work. I hope my changes are worthwhile!

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 9 from 7 years ago

Why did it come up a whole lot bigger than I expected? Is there a way to make it about the same size or smaller than the original mockup?


Thierry replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 9 from 7 years ago

Thank you so much for your proposition ! I like some elements in your version, but my goal is to make a light UI and in your version there are elements that made the UI too cumbersome IMHO.

For example, in the world clock, my idea is to make a simple system without list of city, because I think 99% of people don't care about that, so I imagined a earth that you can rotate to navigate between the time zones with a city search for find the time zone of a city.

For the list of days in an alarm, I don't really agree with you and the author of the first comment, because I think it doesn't make confusions, but allows you to make a global vision of the week with the activated days in a quick glance. With your version, you have to read the list of days to know what days are activated. We can discuss this.

Despite this, I like your modifications in the stopwatch. I will implement it in a new version. I like the panel for edit time too.

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 10 from 7 years ago

I think I see what you are trying to do with the world clock. I was trying to make multiple time zones viewable to those who want it. It would begin like you had it with an option to "pin" it. This shouldn't change the functionality of it at all. For those who need to view multiple time zones quickly (which I agree is not many), they can simply "pin" the time zone it is set on down. Another world will then be available to move around and/or "pin". There will always be one "un-pinned" world and you can "pin" as many as you like. You could probably even put the pin option in the swipe up menu to avoid cluttering things up. In my mind this should keep it simple for those who don't care and allow for the additional features for those who do.

My issue with the list of days on the alarm is that if a person is in a rush they may glance over the alrarm and see it as on for the whole week. Given more thought, I think that something needs to be there (as you said you may have to read the days in some cases). Whatever is there needs to be completely different than the days the alarm is set to go off. I am afraid that if the text is just lighter, or something else is only slightly different that it could be confused if looked at quickly. Maybe, I am making to big of a deal out of little issues. Either way, I hope you understand my thought process (which can be scary sometimes). :)


Michael replied 7 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 10 from 7 years ago

I really like the alarm view. The "snooze" area should be as large as possible, because it's hard to aim early in the morning ;)

Guest replied 6 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 18 from 7 years ago

To solve the alarm off accidentally, I suggest gestures or calculations simple math to turn it off for a sleeper.


Thierry replied 6 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 19 from 6 years ago

Nice proposition, thank you ! I used your idea.


Zisu replied 6 years ago, re: Thierry's Version 19 from 6 years ago

I dont' like the iPhone roller type hour picker... It would be nice to have some clean numbers on the screen when someone taps & holds transparent numbers show up above and below, when swipe vertically, the numbers change. But I've had enough of the iPhone picker... which looks quite ugly.

Also, I'm not entirely sure the "Tap to create new alarm" button would fit the clean design of utouch, i'm guessing it would look better somewhere in the top right ?

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