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History of Qreator

  • 6 years ago (), Vinod commented Creator - URL code:
    This is my find
  • 7 years ago (), Stefan minor update in Creator - Event code.
  • 7 years ago (), Stefan minor update in Creator - Call and SMS code.
  • 7 years ago (), Stefan minor update in Creator - Geolocation code.
  • 7 years ago (), David commented Creator (Tabs version):
    The Design Guides (and the bug) have now been updated with a clearer wording:
  • 7 years ago (), Stefan commented Scanner (Tabs version):
    I have several times tried to scan a code with my phone when it was too dark to acutally see something (my brother-in-law has a really cool QR code based homeentertainment system for parties...). In that case it was hard to position the QR code right and also the autofocus did not work on my phone (since autofocus is somehow coupled with viewfinder, which does not use the flash).

    So: I think we should have a light (or be really smart about automatic configuration)
  • 7 years ago (), David commented Scanner (Tabs version):
    Btw, do you think we need the light (or torch) or do you think it should be enough to have a flash?
  • 7 years ago (), David minor update in Creator (Tabs version).
    Creator - Text code Creator - URL code Creator - Wifi code Creator - Geolocation code Creator - Event code Creator - Call and SMS code
  • 7 years ago (), David commented Themes (Page version):
    Nice work, I tried the branch as well.

    As I said on the e-mail on the development list, I'd like to re-think a bit the way to choose themes, having in mind that the way to choose a theme should be as simble as possible. I'll put together a mockup with my ideas soon.
  • 7 years ago (), Stefan updated Themes (Page version): Theme selectors now resemble the "ListItem.ValueSelector", which lookes more like the Ubuntu SDK style then separate labels.

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