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Scanner (Tabs version)

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David replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 1 from 7 years ago

Wow, nice work!

On scan:

  • I fully agree on everything
  • Yes, scanning should be automatic, and I think we should actually get rid of the current "tap to scan" behaviour. I just used it to make it easy to implement the scanning feature preview.
  • On the comment "Webcam should be full screen" we should probably clarify that full screen here means "Full screen with tab header shown" (if I understand what you meant there)

  • After scan:
  • I was also thinking of adding a dialog to the initial code, but I didn't manage to create a dialog component that can be updated dynamically with new property values (it seems the dialog component is atm thought for static content).
  • We might need to add a "Save" action, or discuss if we want to save scanned and recognized codes automatically.

  • On history:
  • The design is pretty much what I had in mind. I hadn't tought of the "swipe to delete" action. I like it.
  • However, I was rather thinking of giving History Tab status instead of Toolbar action, similarly to what the "Scan" app for Android does. I'm not sure what the best option is yet.
  • Once we've got GPS support on the phone, we should also store the location where the codes were scanned.
  • Stefan

    Stefan replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 2 from 7 years ago

    thanks for your comments!

    On scan:

  • changed the fullscreen to "fill available screen space" (basically what you said)

  • After scan:
  • I think we will be able to use dialogs, I thought I had managed to update the property values dynamically. Lets see.

  • On history:
  • OK, now it gets more interesting: do you want 1 or 2 history tabs (scanned and created)? We should make it obvious in the history, if a qrcode was scanned or created. With two toolbar actions this would be easy: one history on create one history on scan.
  • Automatic GPS support is dangerous: on my N900, it takes nearly a minute until a reasonable accurate location is found. On the iphone 4 its more or less the same. Also: GPS kills battery time like no other component on the phone, so we might want to make this optional (toolbar action or via preferences).
  • Stefan

    Stefan replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 3 from 7 years ago


    David replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 3 from 7 years ago

    On history:

  • I was thinking of just one tab to contain one single history for both created and scanned. I think it's important that we keep simplicity in Qreator. I'm looking more at "Scan" than "QrDroid" as a reference
  • I'm not sure it's that important to differentiate between scanned and created. We can look at it down the road, but I think for the first implementation a simple list would do.

  • On GPS:
  • I wouldn't activate it from Qreator, what I meant is that I would store the location if GPS has been activated externally already. I'm assuming querying for location if the GPS is already active won't make Qreator use much more power, as we wouldn't be polling it at regular intervals, only once when we save the QR code to history.

  • On search:
  • This is currently in the works, so we should be able to use it straight away from the SDK :)

  • Also, if your version 3 is the one you are proposing, it might be an idea to use the link to "Promote to Main Mockup". I'd do it myself, but I want to confirm that's what you intended.


    David replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 5 from 7 years ago

    Btw, do you think we need the light (or torch) or do you think it should be enough to have a flash?


    Stefan replied 7 years ago, re: Stefan's Version 5 from 7 years ago

    I have several times tried to scan a code with my phone when it was too dark to acutally see something (my brother-in-law has a really cool QR code based homeentertainment system for parties...). In that case it was hard to position the QR code right and also the autofocus did not work on my phone (since autofocus is somehow coupled with viewfinder, which does not use the flash).

    So: I think we should have a light (or be really smart about automatic configuration)

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