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Weather App - Main view

a weather application , with slide verical and horizontal

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testu replied 8 years ago, re: testu's Version 1 from 8 years ago

clean and nice weather app

Guest replied 7 years ago, re: testu's Version 1 from 8 years ago

Moving the name of the city to the title bar (Weather - Paris) would free some real estate, usable for e.g. one or two more days of forecast.

Expected precipitation could be displayed on the bottom graph as a superimposed histogram. The color of this might even be useful (blue = rain, white = snow, yellow = hailstorm, purple = lightning storm, green = frogs).

Maybe (and very maybe) the uncertainty level of forecasts could be displayed using alpha-blending. Very uncertain forecast = 50% translucent icon. But this might be too hard on the eyes.

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