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RSS Reader. Top-down Style

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Michele replied 8 years ago, re: Seo's Version 8 from 8 years ago

The single long page doesn't seem very usable to me. What if a user has more than 4 feeds? Suppose i have 10 feeds: the article list would disappear from the screen, making it difficult for the user to discover how the app works. And changing feed would be a nightmare too. Imagine this scenario: you just scrolled a long 100 articles worth feed but you didn't find an interesting article, and you want to read another feed. Would you prefer a single tap back, or a long and boring scroll to the top?

Separating the article content from the article summary doesn't look good either: it duplicates the entry (you have to create two clones of the same information, "Article Three" in your example) which is a waste of precious real estate.

Last but no least: how do i close article three without opening another article?


Seo replied 8 years ago, re: Seo's Version 8 from 8 years ago

Thanks for comment, Michele!
More than 4 articles or feeds- yes, I had thinked about that matter too and the solution is already there.
Could you see" left/right scroll to switch between page"? That's it.
Feeds table and articles table has limitaion on tablesize.
And items that needs more space to be shown are hidden, but users can access them by scrolling on table, switching between pages.
Sectioning feeds by pages is not necessary unless the user has too many feeds, and in that situation, the user will visit some feeds frequently and others less frequently- favorite things should be listed in front pages.
Articles may count to huge numbers, but new things come first. Users' need is to view recent changes on that feed, if not, they can horizontally scroll on tables. Just like scrolling down to view old things in conventional list-based apps.
By the way, the number 4 is too small. On the real device the tablesize limitation may be bigger. What's in grapic is just mockup.

And, regarding duplicated label "Article Three", I was short. Maybe I have to come up with a solution.
And about last. Do users really have to "close" article to leave? If they want to do something else, they'll use left edge and leave. Do we need more?

Anyway, thanks for smart opinions!


Seo replied 8 years ago, re: Seo's Version 8 from 8 years ago

What we have to think about is 'going back' is not easy to do on Ubuntu phone.
To conform with ubuntu phones UI guideline, 'back' button is not visible until the user swipes from bottom.
So if the user want to explore his or her feeds and many articles, successive motion of swiping and touching on the button will be repeated over and over again. Isn't it a real waste of energy?
Instead of that, just scroll up; that's of my idea.

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